The Promise of Solar Power in the Seventies

Much is being made of Solar Power nowadays, but this was not America’s first flirtation with energy from the sun. In the seventies, spurred on by expensive oil prices, commercials and ads promised low-cost and convenient solar energy. In this one for Lennox Solar Energy, you see the various options they offered and what they looked like on a cutting edge suburban home from that decade.

In the eighties a few home where I grew up got a couple of solar panels and we all marveled at them as they went up. By the end of the eighties most of them were broken or had been torn down. The promise of this very cool futuristic technology was still not ready for prime time.

Lennox is still out there, doing their thing, although I have not seen any recent commercial for them. Maybe they need to dust off this old chestnut and give it a run.


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