ABRAMS Books Presents: Aama Vol. 3 The Desert of Mirrors

I am always delighted to be asked to review a new book from our friends over at ABRAMS. This last week there was a knock at my door and after signing for the package, I tore open the box to find they had sent me the third volume of a series entitled aama by Frederik Peeters.

When I had a quiet moment to myself I began reading the graphic novel and to be blunt was totally confused as I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading the previous two volumes The Smell of Warm Dust and The Invisible Throng. Thankfully my local comic shop carried them and I was soon caught up…well…caught up as I could get because this story while fantastic at times seems like what you would get if David Lynch and Ray Bradbury decided to write a graphic novel.

All images courtesy of ABRAMS Books.
All images courtesy of ABRAMS Books.

Our main protagonist is a man named Verloc Nim who is travelling with his…robotic ape…that also has human legs (He has…appropriated those limbs.) named Churchhill. Verloc posssesses a diary, this is his connection to what he has forgotten during his journey. In this volume Verloc is travelling with his brother Conrad and others trying to reach the biotech experiment known as aama, it’s safe to say that the experiment has gone completely and violently off the rails. The landscape our “heroes” traverse is a shifting planet called Ona (ji). Nightmarish is a kind way to describe the place but it also is wrapped in a high science-fiction concept.

aama 2 - ABRAMS Books

If you want to add aama: The Desert of Mirrors to your collection you can order it at ABRAMS but be advised it certainly isn’t a book meant for you children.


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