The Short-lived Robo Strux Fighting League

In 1982, Tomy release a product line known commonly as Zoids. They were snap together toys that were either wind-up or battery-powered and they looked like animals, dinosaurs or insects. In the US they were released as Robo Strux and they were briefly a hit among my circle of friends.

We would of course use them to fight one another. Setting up small arena in my backyard, you would place your Robo “into the pit” and the first one to exit the arena loses. We would spend hours in the dirt working on strategies, improving our little arena and tallying wins and losses.

Our obsessions ended as quickly as it started when one of my friend dropped their dino Robo Strux and it stopped working. Now out of the mix, he had no interest in playing anymore and the Robo Strux fighting league came to an abrupt end.


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