pryor_wilder Power Man and Iron Fist

Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder as Power Man and Iron Fist

Sweet Christmas! I have been watching the Netflix Marvel shows. Trying to enjoy their versions of Power Man and Iron Fist. The results have been mixed, but it got even harder when I spotted the above poster for Power Man and Iron Fist.

I would have never thought of doing “Heroes for Hire” as a comedy, but now that I have seen this wonderful fan art poster concept by Nick-Perks, I cannot see it any other way. This is perfect casting, especially for the late 1970s/early 1980s. Pryor and Wilder were a dynamic duo and could have made the first memorable super hero comedy. It would have been the comedic high water mark of 1981.

If you grew up watching Pryor and Wilder together on screen, you know what remarkable chemistry they had. I can tell you three things about the plot for their version of “Heroes for Hire.” It would have been zany to the point of unbelievable. We would all still be quoting it today. And finally, people would be saying these Netflix shows are not as good as the original.

Now if one of the people who make those “Trailers that never were”, could turn their attention to this project, I would be very happy.


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