The Muppets At Walt Disney World

On May 16, 1990 the world lost the talented Jim Henson. I’ve mentioned before on the site how my Father woke me up that morning to give me the news, understanding when I told him I wouldn’t be going to school that day so I could mourn. Henson and his creations have always meant a great deal to me, I can say that he was at the top of my list of entertainers I wanted to meet when I grew up. So I spent that morning and afternoon plugging in old VHS tapes I had recorded of the Muppet Show, watching the Dark Crystal and Labrinyth and enjoying the magic that Henson helped create.

While I never met Mr. Henson I think I know enough about his personality from the various books I’ve read that he wouldn’t want people to be sad, not with the legacy of joy he and his company have left us. So let us spend this morning enjoying the Muppets at Walt Disney World special that originally aired on May 6th, 1990 on NBC’s The Magical World of Disney.
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