The Carbonite Maneuver (1985)

The Carbonite Maneuver (1985)

While obviously this fanmade trailer for a Star Trek/Star Wars mashup didn’t actually come out in 1985, I can assure you readers that sitting in the Razorback Theater I overhead many fans of the series hashing it out whether the USS Enterprise was as powerful as one of the Empire’s dreaded Star Destroyers.

This wonderful little trailer was written, edited, and constructed by Son of Spork. It presents us with a movie where Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are trapped in another Galaxy that happens to be far, far away.

I can also claim to once have overheard a 15 minute debate on the outcome of a fist fight between Spock and Han Solo. No weapons. Just bare hands. I was an employee at the Razorback at that point and as I walked by them to head to the projection booth I had to say that with Mr. Spock’s increased strength (three times as strong as a human) he would certainly defeat Han in a fist fight…but if it was Chewbacca and Spock fighting…well, that would be a different outcome, right?

As I left that large group in the lobby there were equal amounts of jeering and cheering.

A big thanks to our own Daniel XIIIfor giving me the heads up on this awesome bit of fanmade fun!


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