Saturday Frights: Friday the 13th the Series – Scarlett Cinema (1989)

Welcome back to another installment of Saturday Frights! The Projectionist is feeling a little under the weather this week so I’ve stepped in to handle the programming for your entertainment tonight. For this week I’ve chosen an episode from the syndicated Friday the 13th: The Series entitled “Scarlett Cinema”.

The story revolves around a young man named Darius Pogue who is quite a devotee to 1941’s The Wolf Man. So much so he longs to become a lycanthrope, taking a moment upon leaving a showing at a movie theater to attempt a ritual to grant him that ability. Sadly for Darius that doesn’t work out and even worse is some of his fellow film class students have just caught that ritual on film…and show it the next day at school. Darius is able to find a very special film camera later that day however, one of the missing cursed objects from Lewis Vendredi’s antique shop of course, it allows the young man to film people…but also to bring to life the Wolf Man to hunt them down. That is how our heroes of the TV series Ryan (John D. LeMay), Micki (Robey), and Jack (Chris Wiggins) come to be on the case when they realize it’s one of the cursed objects they are trying to lock safely in their vault.

Can they track Darius down and retrieve the camera? Will they be able to find it before Darius is able to get revenge on most of his fellow film students? Let’s find out together on Saturday Frights as we attend a screening for the Scarlett Cinema!
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