Jetfire And Shockwave Transformers TV Commercial (1985)

It was heady times back in 1985 when in-between watching the G1 Transformers and G.I. Joe animated series you could catch the exciting animated commercials for each toy line as well. Like this one for the heroic Jetfire and coldly villainous Shockwave from back in 1985. I vaguely recall this being a huge deal to talk about on the school bus because the Autobots finally were able to have some air support thanks to Jetfire…but would that be enough to aid our heroes when Shockwave would level his electromagnetic blasts at them?
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2 thoughts on “Jetfire And Shockwave Transformers TV Commercial (1985)

  1. I remember all the confusion of jetfire vs skyfire & the differences between the toy design & the cartoon design. I also remember the confusion when faced with the actual toy, of whether it was a TF toy or a robotech one. I didn’t know at the time though that the toy actually WAS a robotech toy rebranded.

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