Gordon Jump for Secret Deodorant Commercial

Besides a masterful turn on WKRP in Cincinnati and a disturbingly memorable cameo on Diff’rent Strokes, the actor Gordon Jump helped pay the bills in the eighties doing commercials. In this one for Secret Deodorant he plays a father who tries to convince his daughter that she can just use his manly old man deodorant, but daughter knows better and assures him that while his deodorant is strong, it is not formulated for women and is therefore, useless, like him.

As she pulled away in the car that night, he knew things had changed between them. Where had his daughter gone and what use would he be to anyone anymore? The house was quiet. It had been that way since Margaret passed away two years ago. He sighed and went to the kitchen to pour himself another scotch and stand staring out the widow over the sink until the moon was high in the sky and the pain of existing was forgotten in an alcoholic haze.


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