Audience Audio Recording From 1977 Star Wars Viewing Will Make Your Day!

In my youth when attending a movie at the 62 Drive-In I would often bring along my portable tape recorder, granted this was long before the VHS player arrived on the scene, so it was really my only chance to “watch” the film later. Buck Rogers, The Empire Strikes Back, and the Fog. Sadly none of my recordings survived, they were readily taped over for all manner of reasons as I grew older and now I very much wish I could have saved at least one of them.

William Forsche uploaded on his YouTube channel bits and pieces of his theater going experience on his own tape recorder for his second viewing of Star Wars back in 1977. It is hands down magical stuff. The audience reaction is great and just might make you tear up a little from the memories of seeing it yourself back in the day.

[Via] William Forsche


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