Doctor Barbie is into making her patients feel good


My sisters had a bunch of Barbie stuff, but never the Doctor Barbie. I think it might have been a little past their prime Barbie playing years.

Since the jingle is pretty much the same for most Barbie products in the eighties, just with different lyrics, I am not sure I even remember this commercial, but watching it now I am struck by two things. Firstly, she goes by Doctor Barbie, which made me ask as a question I never asked before, “does Barbie have a last name?” It turns out she does.

In fact she has more than just a last name, she has a full name, Barbie is just her nickname. Her real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She is such a big celeb, that she goes by just the nickname.

The second thing about this commercial is what is with Ken’s outfit? His doctor coat is so shimmery and he is packing a bow tie under that? That is a guy who likes to make a statement while at the same time being prepared for any sort of high-class nightlife activities.


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