The Incredible Hulk SNES TV Commercial (1994)

You might have heard that a little independent film entitled Avengers: Age of Ultron opened this weekend. Since that film features one of my favorite Marvel characters, the Hulk, I felt it might be the right time to share this TV commercial for the 1994 title that was available for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis and the Game Gear.

Now to be honest and I’m not sure how this happened…I have no recollection of this game whatsoever. It certainly looks like it had a nice roster of villains for the Hulk to face like the Absorbing Man, the Abomination, the Leader, and I think Rhino as well. I really have no idea how this particular Marvel Comics game slipped completely past my radar!
[Via] Dig That Box RETRO

So perhaps after you catch a showing of the Avengers sequel this weekend you can stop by you favorite retro game shop and grab the Incredible Hulk, walk a mile in his shoes so to speak…Wait. I forget the takeaway from this ad was the Hulk didn’t wear shoes.


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