The Force Is Strong With These Return Of The Jedi Photos From Mark Hamill

The Force Is Strong With These Return Of The Jedi Photos From Mark Hamill

When Return of the Jedi was released on May 25, 1983 I was more than a little ready for what was surely to be the ultimate battle against the forces of the Rebellion against the evil might of the Empire. I had even picked up the official collector’s magazine at a local gas station to read while I was biding my time standing in line at the Razorback Theater.

Was it everything I hoped it would be? Yes. I was also quite ready to see the further adventures of Luke Skywalker when I walked out of that auditorium…little did I know I would have to wait 32 years for that to happen. I’ve never quit being a Star Wars fan but to fair my love is still for the original trilogy which is why it was so amazing when Geek Tyrant shared these AMAZING behind the scenes photos from Mark Hamill’s personal collection!

I mean we’ve seen a lot of behind the scenes shot to be sure…but there is something very powerful about that image of Mark setting in the Emperor’s throne as well as the way Frank Oz has Yoda looking at Hamill’s Son or the joy that can be seen as his Family is surrounded by Ewoks.

All images courtesy of Geek Tyrant.
All images courtesy of Geek Tyrant.

Mark Hamill - Frank Oz - Geek Tyrant

These photos and more have been shared by Marilou Hamill and can be found over at Star Wars.Com and I’m very happy that we fans can still be surprised by such behind the scenes shots on a film series we love so much.
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