Saturday Frights: Mick Garris On The Fog

Hey, friends! The Projectionist had something come up this afternoon so I agreed to take over the programming duties for Saturday Frights this week. For your viewing pleasure I offer this running trailer commentary by none other than Mick Garris (The Stand, Masters of Horror) for John Carpenter’s The Fog.

You will not just get a little insight into how Mick Garris got into the filmmaking business but learn about his own personal connection with the fantastic 1980 film as well, he also delves a bit into the necessity of reshoots after a disastrous test audience.

I’m a big fan of Trailers From Hell and highly recommend that when you have some free time you do yourself the favor of checking out their vast selection of film trailers and the Gurus who provide such insightful background information.

[Via] Trailers From Hell

This is the trailer minus Garris’ commentary.

[Via] Supernatural Earth


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4 thoughts on “Saturday Frights: Mick Garris On The Fog

  1. Glad you enjoyed it, Caffeinated Joe! I think the Fog is definitely a film that Projectionist and I should tackle on the Saturday Frights podcast at some point. :)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I totally agree! The TFH series is a godsend to genre movie fans.
    This one is no exception.
    And I felt chills seeing that glorious crackly, scratchy film reel spool out the pocket watch on one of my favorite movies.
    Getting a glimpse of commentary from someone like Garris who worked in the scene and speaks with knowledge and respect makes you feel like you’re part of an exclusive seat at the bar, among film directors and crew.

    The Fog remains one of my fave movie theater experience, not so much as a blow-your-mind evening, but rather as a payoff to the long courtship of articles and images from Fangoria magazine.
    Great many movies reverberated strongly as I saw them with these great magazine articles in mind (like Starlog, Fantastic Films, and a few european horror mags).

    To bring this back to TFH, these remembrances feel like a modern equivalent of evocative and rewarding discussions on a subject much loved by fans, as these mags would offer.

    Great stuff, Vic!

  3. I have the exact same reaction, Atari, when that old film print starts up! The amount of work that Garris has done, not just his own films and those he has worked on in the horror genre, but I’m thinking of his old talk show with so many GREAT actors that he shares on his YouTube page…fantastic stuff. :D

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