I’m Having Pinball Dreams

I’m Having Pinball Dreams

If you enjoy modern videogames, you’ve probably heard of DICE – they’re responsible for much of the Battlefield series and Mirror’s Edge amongst others. If you were playing games back in 1992 you might know them for their Commodore Amiga titles, including the spectacular debut Pinball Dreams.

If I’m being honest, I would say that I’m not a fan of computerised simulations of pinball tables. They can be fun, but all too often the experience is limited by the fact you don’t have the physical table and tactile controls to truly enjoy the game. That said, three pinball games have stayed with me through the decades – Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions. All DICE titles that I still play to this day.

Pinball Dreams was the first pinball game that really felt like pinball to me. I’d played variants on earlier computers but ‘Dreams was jaw dropping at the time and each of the four tables was truly a joy to play. More importantly for me, and the real reason that I played so often, was the music. The various themes demanded to be heard at the loudest volume my parents would tolerate! The presentation of the whole game was second-to-none, from the moment you first saw the Digital Illusions logo timed to the beat of a song, you knew you were about to play something special. The following longplay video on Youtube is definitely worth having a skip-through to see what I mean – it has a flare to it that shines brightly, and you can see a few of the demoscene sensibilities that imbue the game with a little more character than most.

Of the four tables, I played Ignition the most, solely because that table had the best music. Truth be told, I’d sometimes load up the game and let the music play out without me doing anything else. That’s something I still do today, though Youtube has replaced my need to load up the actual game!

This advert at the time tried to sell the game on it being a true multi-table Pinball simulator – yes, 32 colours, 50 FPS, upto 8 players – Fun, fast and furious, just like the real thing!

Pinball Dreams Advert

True fans know that this wasn’t the games only appeal though, and once you’d had enough of dreaming, you could move on to the fantasies…

You can take a look at the MS-DOS version of Pinball Dreams over at the Internet Archive. You can also find a superb HD update if you have an iOS device and a willingness to spend money.

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  1. Nice, b ut it’s no Video Pinball for the Atari 2600. I mean where are the square balls?

  2. Oooh, square balls…. ;)

  3. Oh god I played that game to death on my Amiga! I also loved Silverball on PC Two of my very first favorite digital pinball games!

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