I miss the Hostess Breakfast Bake Shop

After Mister Donut closed in my hometown when I was growing, we went through a long stretch where our only donut options were from the supermarket. So my family either had Entenmann’s chocolate donuts or a box of the mixed Hostess donuts. No, they were not “fresh”, but they were amazingly sweet and any box opened on a Sunday morning would be completely empty by Sunday night.

Oh what a great discovery to be hungry after dinner on Sunday, right as primetime TV is about to start, to discover a donut still in the box. Even finding a “plain” one was like hitting the lottery.

Now I have a lot of fresh donuts to choose from and while the Hostess Breakfast Bake shop has not yet resurfaced, every year at least once a year and usually more often, I spring for a Box of Entenmann’s donuts and feast on them until I feel sick like the little kid I was once dreamed of doing.


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