Retro Records: The Flash – The Three Faces Of Mr. Big /Aquaman – The Defeat Of The Dehydrator (1975)

Welcome back friends to a new installment of Retro Records, usually the latest Retro Radio Memories podcast would be up but due to some scheduling conflicts between the Projectionist and myself it will be out on Monday this week.

So for your listening pleasure today we have a 1975 Power Records story featuring the Flash as he investigates the mystery of Mr. Big. A villain that is capable of damaging the moon itself to prove how powerful he truly is and that isn’t even counting his three minions Electro, Keyno, and Magno! The second story features Aquaman and Mera facing off against Hydro the Dehydrator, a would be alien conquer who wants all of the water on Earth!

Can the Flash outrun and outwit these dastardly villains and save Central City? Will Aquaman and Mera be able to put a stop to Hydro and save the Earth’s oceans?

[Via] I Wish It Was 1984

A big thanks to the Power Records Blogspot for the image your see at the top of the post!


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