Saturday Frights: Twilight Zone – Nothing In The Dark (1961)

Hello there, dear viewers. I find myself feeling rather sentimental around this time of the year so I felt that perhaps an appropriate choice for your evening’s entertainment might not call for something that presents a softer side to Death.

For your viewing pleasure I offer ‘Nothing in the Dark’, a prime example as to why the Twilight Zone episodic television series is looked on with such fondness. It concerns Wanda Dunn, an elderly Woman who has been so very careful to avoid feeling the touch of Mr. Death, mostly by never ever going outside her door. The drama unfolds when she is confronted by the dilemma of helping a wounded constable outside that door, who is played by Robert Redford of Route 66 fame.

Does she let the young man perish at her doorstep? Or will she find the courage within herself to learn what we all have, that there is indeed nothing to fear in the dark?

The Projectionist

Lurking in the bowels of the Retroist Vault, the Projectionist comforts himself with the dreams of celluloid glory of days gone by. With his assistant, Daniel XIII, in the quiet time of the night he serves as host in what has been dubbed the Haunted Drive-In. Bringing films to the entertainment starved masses the Haunted Drive-In projector roars to life and shines brightly once again...

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