Night Flight: Dynaman

Night Flight: Dynaman

In a previous installment on Night Flight (Night Flight: J-Men Forever) I extolled the virtues of re-dubbing drab dialogue with more enlivened interchange for AWE-some! While Firesign Theatre’s J Men Forever was all fine and good, Night Flight was not one to rest on it’s laurels. Instead they turned the knob to 11 and broadcast Shari Roman and Gideon Brower’s Dynaman, a parody of Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.

Who or what is this Dynaman, you ask? Since 1954 Japan has been continuously over run by Kaiju, destroying expensive buildings, terrorizing the citizenry, and most importantly keeping latex manufacturers extremely busy. Dynaman is a team of young Japanese do-gooders who have taken on the job of fighting these evil monsters.

More specifically, from the intro, they are:

“Five good-looking Japanese friends from all walks of life. Wooshi, their leader, is Dyna Red. Huba, able to leap tall trees, is Dyna Black. Franky, the human outboard motor, is Dyna Blue. Cowboy, the slow thinking weapons expert, is Dyna Yellow. And their main squeeze, Slojin, is Dyna Pink.”

And there’s Dr. Ho, brilliant scientist and day care center operator. Ho is the mastermind behind all of their amazing tech, and he still finds time to care for the orphans. Which raises the question, “Who is the REAL hero here?”

But what would Dynaman be without dastardly deviants with whom to thwart each episode? Nothing. And so here are the villains: Barnie Tanaka and Mel Fujitsu. They are even more diabolical than their names suggest. See, they were Ho’s former partners. They who stole his gene splicing machine and use it to make the rubbery monster menaces that are attacking Tokyo. And the world. Or just being a general nuisance Ho and the Dynakids. Whatever. Who cares. There’s rockin’ 80s music, witty riffs, and Kung Fu fighting.

Zap Branigan said it best when he said, “Bam!”

There are 6 episodes:
1. Cy Steinberg
2. Rhino Man
3. The Day of the Dolphin: Flipper’s Revenge
4. The Lizard of Oz
5. The Seven Loves of Lucky Pierre
6. The Last Adventure of Spunky the Wonder Squid

Buddha be praised for the interwebs, specifically Youtube, where you can enjoy all the Dynaman episodes in their entirety (though each episode is broken into two parts because they are longer than the old 10 minute limit set by Youtube back in the day).

“Enough, already! Tell us where!” I hear your exasperated cry and answer, right here.


For your immediate gratification here is my personal favorite, The Last Adventure of Spunky the Wonder Squid:


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  1. Oh, it’s power rangers….or the series that Power Rangers came from…

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