Would You Play A Horror Themed Fighting Game?

Street Fighter II. Fatal Fury. King of Fighters. Killer Instinct. Clayfighters. Mortal Kombat. All of these are fine examples of the past as well as still popular fighting game franchises. But thanks to the mad geniuses at ScrollBoss we have been given a glimpse at a fighting game that could eclipse all of those fighting games combined…Horror vs. Horror!

Well, assuming you are of course a horror fan. Just look at the many icons that have been made available in this art print!

Carrie White (Carrie) and Michael Meyers (Halloween).

All images courtesy of ScrollBoss.
All images courtesy of ScrollBoss.

Daniel Robitaille aka Candyman, Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), and Horace Pinker (Shocker).
Candyman - Jason - Freddy - Pinker - Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss

Herbert West (Re-Animator), Jedidah Sawyer aka Leatherface, Elvira, and Ashley James Williams (Evil Dead).
Herbert - Leatherface - Elvira - Ash - Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss

Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky, Tarman (Return of the Living Dead), The Tall Man (Phantasm), and Elliot Spencer aka Pinhead.
Chucky - Tarman - Tall Man - Pinhead - Horror vs Horror - ScrollBoss
Now even though we horror fans must grieve that this is not a game at least we can visit ScrollBoss and secure a print to hang proudly in our homes, right? I want to give a very big thanks to the talented artist known as NinjaInk for giving us the heads up on this wonderful piece of art in the first place.


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