This Ice Cream Truck Safety PSA will haunt you

This might seem a little laughable now because it just so dramatic, but the dangers around ice cream trucks are very real. Two kids on my block alone got hit by cars after running out from behind the Mister Softee. If only we had this running on TV here in the United States, who knows how many kids might have been helped?

Children are much more interested in Ice Cream than in traffic…


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One thought on “This Ice Cream Truck Safety PSA will haunt you

  1. This clip is burned in my brain, having watched it as a kid in the early 80s in the UK. Even now when I am driving on roads with lots of parked cars on them I always slow down a bit because this PSA flashes up in my brain and I imagine a little child running out from behind a car. Kudos to the brains behind the video. It definitely worked.

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