Scream Factory Presents: Deep In The Darkness On Blu-Ray!

Scream Factory
Our friends at Scream Factory are not content to just bring us some of the greatest retro horror movies but keep a keen eye on upcoming new films as well like The Babadook, that my fellow writer Patrick J. Doody reviewed just last week!

The plot for Deep in the Darkness revolves around Dr. Michael Cayle (Sean Patrick Thomas), who thanks to the urging of his Wife has not only bought a beautiful home in the small quiet town of Ashborough but taken over the medical practice of the former Doctor that recently passed away. So why does his Cristine (Kristen Bush) who pushed for them to move from Manhattan with their Daughter, Jessica , seem so very…sad…that they are moving to such a picturesque town?

It could have something to do with the fact that townsfolk are a little standoffish I suppose, or that they have no cable TV or cell phone coverage, or it just might be that it’s enforced by the Sheriff that citizens are to be in their homes by the time the church bells ring at Eight in the evening?

At least the Cayles have a a friendly neighbor in Phil Deighton (Quantum Leap‘s Dean Stockwell) and his young son Tyler (Dark Haul‘s Anthony Del Negro) who welcome them with open arms, the older man even gives Dr. Cayle a bit of friendly advice…make sure to obtain an animal and sacrafice it on the altar deep in the woods.

Yeah, it was probably that last part that put Michael on edge as much as Cristine, right? Too bad there are worse things in the town of Ashborough than peculiar neighbors…a breed of creatures that are a cross between Morlocks and the Demons from Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight…who wait Deep in the Darkness!

Since this was produced by Chiller Films the extras are a little lean but thankfully Scream Factory has included:
Meet the Makers
TV Spots

Deep in the Darkness is out today but you can secure a copy for yourself by following the link Here.


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