Ready For Those Adventures In Babysitting Trading Cards?

There are many films from the 80s for one reason or another that never had the opportunity to get their own card set, that is just a sad fact. Predator, Alien Nation, Night of the Creeps, and so many more. Which is why it’s great that talented people like Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s is on the job and picking up that slack!

You might recall last September when he took it upon himself to craft a set of virtual cards for 1987’s The Monster Squad. Well, he has done it again but this time has set his sights on the Chris Columbus 1987 teenage adventure/comedy Adventures In Babysitting.

All images courtesy of Shawn Robare and Branded in the 80s.
All images courtesy of Shawn Robare and Branded in the 80s.

I saw Adventures in Babysitting along with my Cousin Brandon back in the day when it opened on July 1st, 1987. It was the perfect film for us with it’s mixture of teenage comedy and the threatening but almost comic book villains. This movie also made me fall head over heels for the beautiful Elisabeth Shue, a crush that I had for quite a few years.

[Via] Club 1981 Channel

Adventures in Babysitting Trading Cards #9 - Shawn Robare - Branded in the 80s

I really want to give a big thanks to Shawn for letting me share these cards with you but make sure that you hop over to Branded in the 80s to see the whole set. The amount of detail and work that he has put into them is more than just a little awesome!


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