Remember Tinkerbell Toiletries and Cosmetics?

I was walking through a flea market last week when I saw a small container that had once contained a full set of Tinkerbell cosmetics for young kids. We had a very similar set on the bottom shelf of our bathroom cabinet for years when I was growing up. I guess it had been gifted to my sisters when they were young and for some reason they refused to throw it away even if they had no plan to use it.

With a name like Tinkerbell, I always thought it was related to Disney, or maybe it was sold at the parks, but Tinkerbell products were a thing unto itself. They were sold in drug stores and supermarkets for decades, making young make-up wearing kids happy and parents cringe.

They show up on eBay all the time and some of the older packaging is really interesting. So if you are looking for something new to collect, why not check out Tinkerbell.


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