Saturday Frights: The Goblins At The Bath House Read By Vincent Price (1978)

Hey, friends! Welcome back to another installment of Saturday Frights. The Projectionist is still out of town this week so I have once again taken on the task of programming your evening entertainment and this week I have pulled a delightfully spooky LP from the Retroist Vaults entitled “The Goblins at the Bath House” and as an extra bonus it is read by Vincent Price!

The story concerns a young woman who helps at the local bath house who runs afoul of a band of Goblins. It seems that the girl has been chosen to become the bride of one of the Sons of what must be Goblin nobility judging by the description of the horse and carriage that arrives to sweep her away. Luckily for this girl though there is a very smart and helpful…mouse…that gives her advice on how to stall the wedding. But for how long?

The Goblins at the Bath House and the Calamander Chest were originally released back in 1978 on the Caedmon record label, with the Goblins story being an Estonian fairy tale that was collected by Ruth Manning-Sanders in A Book of Ghosts and Goblins back in 1970.

So grab your favorite snack and beverage, turn down the lights and let Vincent Price regale you with this charming fairy tale, here on Saturday Frights!

[Via] The Sound of Vincent Price


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