Cocoa Puffs Cereal with Battlestar Galactica Create a Scene Cards

To help promote the exciting sci-fi TV show Battlestar Galactica General Mills released a set of collectible cards that you got free in packages. The set was a whopping 16 pieces, which was pretty large for a cereal and they ranged in size and “use”. They had standard cards, stickers, cut-outs and very cool “create-a-scene” cards.

We had some of these cards, but our family habit was to use anything we got out of a cereal box and if it involved stickers we were allowed to stick it on the basement door. So the entire side of the door that faced the basement was plastered with stickers from the seventies and eighties and none of them made it into a box or album to be collected.

This commercial for Cocoa Puffs features the coolest of the cards, the create-a-scenes. I have attempted to put together a collection of these cards as an adult, but have failed to score any of them at reasonable prices.


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