Adventure Awaits With This 1983 D & D View-Master Set!

Adventure Awaits With This 1983 D & D View-Master Set!

I have really been enjoying the Retroist’s recent stroll through some of the amazing artwork and characters that could be found from the original Dungeons and Dragons books. Which led me to wonder just what types of merchandise were made available for the 1983 animated series and that is how I stumbled across the existence of this 1983 View-Master set entitled “Castle Venger”!

Not only does it feature our familiar cast of Heroes and Villains from the CBS animated series but it also squeezes in the likes of Strongheart, Ringlerun, Mercion, and best of all…Elkhorn…who totally finds an amulet that wards off Umber Hulks. Which automatically gives this View-Master set a +5 to being an awesome collectible.

D and D - Elkhorn

Now to be fair I should have said it seems they squeeze the kids from the D and D cartoon into this View-Master adventure and there are things that are a little different from the animated series…you know…like Venger controlling Tiamat.

Image courtesy of the D & D cartoon Encyclopedia.


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