Night Flight: J-Men Forever

Night Flight: J-Men Forever

There are two great ways to enjoy old movies and TV shows. First, you can riff on them. Second, you can re-edit and re-dub them. And third, you can…

Egh. Let me start over.

There are three ways to enjoy old movies and TV shows. First, you can riff on them. Second, you can re-edit them and re-dub them. Third, you can enjoy them outright for their intrinsic value, completely devoid of hipster irony. And fourth, you can wat—

Egh! Moving hastily on.

When one thinks of riffing on movies, Mystery Science Theater 3000 naturally comes to mind. But who exemplifies the second camp, re-editing and dubbing? Firesign Theater, that’s who! J-Men Forever, one of my favorites from Night Flight, is a testament to their skills at the subtle art of pastiche.

J-Men Forever is edited from four serial TV shows (Captain America, Captain Marvel, The Rocketeer, Commando Cody, and Spy Smasher) with some original footage to tie it all together. J-Men Forever tells the story of the J-Men, a group of government agents, working to dash the plans of Lightning Bug, an evil genius, in various supervillain disguises, bent on taking over the world with rock and roll.

Sound kooky? Is it ever! Check out the first 7 minutes:

[Via] Gojira Eight
And yes, one of Lightning Bug’s disguises is The Misfits logo guy. How SUH-weet is that?!?


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  1. Never seen this! It’s great! I loved Firesign Theater.

  2. This is so much fun!

  3. “Second, you can re-edit them and re-dub them.” <–Otherwise known as the power rangers treatment. :p

  4. Patrick:
    There were several Firesign Theater skits Night Flight would show. This was my favorite. Hot Shorts was another great one.

    Scene: A Map of Alaska and Canada border.

    Narrator: Alcana! A thin town on the dotted line between Mexico and Israel!

  5. Drahken:

    Shhhhhh! You’ll be giving away one of my upcoming posts! ;)

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