Saturday Frights: Rod Serling and Ray Bradbury – The Untold Story By Marc Zicree

Hey friends, welcome back to another Saturday Frights! This week the Projectionist is out of town…something to do with an urgent issue back in Haddonfield is all he told me. Quite frankly I’m not sure I want to know what he is up to in the remains of that burned out Drive-In, you know?

We have something a little different to offer this week as we are not sharing a classic TV episode or film but a video explanation by Marc Zicree of the events that kept the legendary Ray Bradbury from becoming a writer on Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone television series. Not only is Marc a charming host but he also wrote the absolutely amazing Twilight Zone Companion that EVERY fan of the TZ should pick up!

The Twilight Zone Companion

So take Marc’s advice and grab your favorite beverage…and try not to let your eye wander too much to the awesome collection of books behind him during the video.

[Via] Mr. Sci-Fi


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