Night Flight: And So It Begins

My eclectic aesthetics express themselves from an unbalanced psyche, maddened through countless hours of Late, Late, Late movies, Saturday double features, and senseless Sunday morning cartoons. The single most significant source of my programming was Night Flight (1981 – 1988), a variety show on USA, that cemented my love of all things obscure, weird, cult, campy, and b.

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There were, and probably still are, many local/cable access shows which cater to the MSTie types like myself, but Night Flight was the first to bring it mainstream. Its greatest strength, an unthinkable thing for a network today, was a four hour time slot. That’s right, FOUR HOURS! That is a metric crap-ton of shorts, music videos, cartoons, interviews, skits, etc, but it also gave them the ability to screen feature length films.

Faith and Begorrah! Feature length films, too?

It was lunacy I tell you. Beautiful. Sublime. Lunacy.

I have yet to list specific content because… too… much… AWE-some! I cannot possibly do Night Flight justice in one post. Because the interwebs is the suppository—erhm, I mean, repository—of all things ever, I will track down what I can (find and remember) and post them in follow up articles. I won’t leave you hanging though. To get things started, here is a demented animated short titled Jac Mac and Rad Boy Go!

One final note, there is a site,, which is “coming soon.” I don’t know what that means. Heck, I’m not sure how long the site has been waiting there. Nor am I 100% sure it’s the same Night Flight (my assumption is yes because logo is similar in style and the tagline “Get Back in the Daze” is suggestive of the mood and theme of the old show). Still, for us fans, it’s hope that maybe, just maybe, Night Flight might take to the air(waves) again.


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