Happy Days’ Marion Ross for Static Guard

I think Marion Ross was a pretty good “get”, to be the spokesperson for Static Guard in the late seventies. She was a well-known TV personality and the character she played on Happy Days always left you feeling that she could be trusted.

The commercial is very straightforward and demonstrates the power of Static Guard.

My family owned a can of the stuff, that they probably bought around this time. For some reason though, we never used it. It sat there year after year, well into the nineties, when I remember throwing it out during a particularly deep spring clean. As an adult, I deal with static cling all the time and when I do, I think about Static Guard. Probably because of ads like Ross’, but I never go out and buy a can. After all, it will probably just sit on a shelf for a decade forgotten, only to be tossed during a spirited round of spring cleaning in 2025.


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