Fazz was Everything to Everyone

In the Eighties, things needed to be multiple things. This is probably best represented by the Transformers and Gobots, but a lot of other people tried to get in on the craze. Enter Fazz.

Fazz were these colorful accessories. Things like bracelets or hair clips that have these containers attached to them filled with makeup. So say you felt that your lips weren’t glossy enough? Pop off that banana clip and use the gloss inside.

I cannot say I remember seeing many people using Fazz when I was growing up, but maybe that was the point. You secretly would have makeup with you at all time and no one would know.

They should have applied this to something besides makeup…like food.

“Hey I love that belt buckle!”

“You mean my chicken drumstick?”


“Your cheeseburger looks delicious!”

“You mean my winter scarf?”




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