Saturday Frights – Day Of The Animals (1977)

Welcome back, dear viewers to Saturday Frights. Just the other day I happened to see the Facebooks article that Victor was working upon, he was lamenting that the art of the theatrical one-sheet of these days was not up to snuff to the over the top advertising for films such as Day of the Animals. I excused myself while he ‘worked’ and made my way to one of my private collections deep within the Retroist Vault to retrieve the particular one-sheet for that film, after sharing it with Sage he admitted that it was an even better ad than the one he shared on the Facebooks.

Which is why I decided that for your viewing entertainment this evening I would share that very movie, which was released in May of 1977. It concerns a battle of survival when a group of people find themselves under attack by the minions of nature due to Man’s depletion of the ozone layer. As is often the case it turns out that our band of ‘heroes’ learn that Man is the greater danger when society begins to buckle. It stars Christopher and Lynda Day George, Leslie Nielsen, Jon Cedar, Michael Ansara, Ruth Roman, Susan Backlinie, Walter Barnes, Paul Mantee, and Richard Jaeckel.

Who will survive the Day of the Animals? For that you will have to join us in Auditorium 6 and see for yourselves.
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