This Backlit Custom TMNT NES Is Totally Tubular!

You might be thinking that a great way to spend the upcoming weekend is to secure some quiet time for yourself with your trusty Nintendo Entertainment System and relive those glory days of gaming with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You would be right as that is in fact a fantastic way to spend your weekend.

But how much more awesome would it be if you were playing it on a custom backlit TMNT themed NES built by Platinumfungi and painted by Custom NES Guy?

All images courtesy of Platinumfungi and Custom NES Guy.
All images courtesy of Platinumfungi and Custom NES Guy.

Check out these sweet controllers for that handbuilt NES unit!
TMNT NES 3 - Platinumfungi - Custom NES Guy
TMNT NES 4 - Platinumfungi - Custom NES Guy
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