Meanwhile, at the haunted Dr. Pepper Laboratory…

I am not sure what this very casually dressed late eighties scientist is researching, but without a lab coat and the proper protective eye wear, I have a hard time taking it seriously. What I am sure of is that his previous experiments were with Dr. Pepper, and those experiments went horribly wrong. So instead of making a better tasting or more addicting soft drink, he created a soda pop with intelligence.

A malignant intelligence that is unrelenting in its desire to quench thirsts and make people dance. As you can see, this poor beaker pusher is completely under the spell of the Doctor. The next morning he will wake up exhausted, covered in dance sweat and half-dried Dr. Pepper. He will then head to work, the previous day’s events forgotten, only to have it repeat again and again for the rest of his short miserable life.


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