Hasbro’s Skedoodle

The Skedoodle was probably the lesser known cousin of the Etch-a-Sketch board. The toy itself is a bit of a mystery, since very little information can be about it on the internet. All I could find, concerning the toy, is that it has been released by Hasbro in 1978 an it had a fair success.

The screen has a dome shape and it has a joystick, unlike the Etch-a-Sketch who has two knobs. The joystick was used to draw freely across the screen, compared to the Etch-a-Sketch that could mostly do horizontal and vertical lines. Another feature of the Skedoodle was its rotating screen. The toy came with a dozen of stencils that would be placed around the joystick to trace shapes and, by rotating the black ring around the screen, you could make Spirograph-like pattern.

I used to own a Skedoodle as a kid but I barely played with it and my little sister, curious as she was, decided to break it open to see how it worked and the poor toy ended in the garbage. How sad for a toy to end this way. It was only several year later that I finally found one on Ebay. It was sold at a cheap price as it came with its box, all the stencils and even the instructions manual. Bless the Internet for allowing us to find the long lost toys of our childhood. End of line.

Photo by Chris Glass.

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