This Star Wars TIE Fighter Short Film Is The Anime You’ve Been Looking For!

I want to give a big thanks our friends from over at the Throwback Reviews Podcast for sharing this short film on their Facebook page the other day, because it is without a doubt one of the absolute coolest Star Wars fan-made shorts that we’ve had the pleasure of watching.

It took 4 years worth of work by OtaKing77077 to complete this 7:27 short film, working on it on his weekends, drawing as well as animating it by himself. With some help on the music by Zak Rahman and audio effects by Joseph Leyva what we are presented is a crack TIE fighter squadron that are definitely a deadly threat to the Rebel Alliance and it’s all presented in the style of 80’s anime!

[Via] OtaKing77077

Make sure to visit Otaking77077’s deviantART page where he is known as the Mighty Otaking if you want to download a copy of his poster in better detail, not to mention you need to see the rest of his fantastic artwork!


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