Saturday Frights: Twilight Zone – The Beacon

Friends, welcome back to Saturday Frights! The Projectionist has been called away on business this weekend…he was extremely giddy about finding a lost print of some film, seeing him so excited is actually a lot more frightening than the way he normally acts.

So with Daniel XIII and I just puttering around the Retroist Vault I thought we should share a rather creepy episode from the 1985 Twilight Zone revival series entitled “The Beacon”. It stars Charles Martin Smith (American Graffiti, The Untouchables) as a Doctor that has a bit of car trouble and finds himself walking into a curious town that doesn’t seemed to have been touched by modern technology. Though it does seem to have a lighthouse that shines it’s beacon on the house of those about to die. This episode also stars the legendary Martin Landau (Ed Wood, North By Northwest) and a young Giovanni Ribisi (The Gift, Saving Private Ryan).

So turn down the lights and join us here on Saturday Frights as we investigate “The Beacon”.
[Via] AM Twilight Zone


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