I’ll see you at the Bob’s Big Boy Breakfast Bar!

We did not have a Bob’s Big Boy within convenient driving distance when I was younger, or I am sure my family would have been all over this $4.99 breakfast bar deal every weekend. While we did not tend to go out for breakfast, one thing that overrode that normal behavior, was cheap all you can eat food.

That is why for over a decade we would go up to this low quality all you can eat Chinese buffet once a month. When we did, it was like we all just won the lottery. We were smiling for at least 24 hours before we went and would spend about 2 hours trying to make a dent in those steam trays of greasy food.

The once a month was probably based on the minimum time it took us to forget just how horrible we all felt after eating all we could.

I can only imagine how often we would have hit a breakfast bar with unlimited waffles and bacon…


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