“No Bozos” Decals for your Bike or Car

When I was a kid, we had this guy in our neighborhood who was all about BMX. Every week he would show up on one of many bike with some new tweak or feature. Sometimes it was a whole new part, but many times it was something like a sticker or decal. I remember him showing up with these “No Bozos” stickers/decals and he gave on to my friend, but not to me. When I asked if I could have one (he had a bunch of them), he told me that he couldn’t give a “No Bozos” sticker, to a known Bozo. He then bunny hopped the curb and proceeded to pop a wheelie the length of our block before stopping to talk to someone else (and probably to give them a sticker). While I was kind of disappointed by not getting the sticker, it was a pretty slick move.

My friend would eventually put that decal on his bike and that smiling clown would mock me from that day forward.

Here is an ad where you could send away for these stickers from 1983.



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