Retro Records: Leonard Nimoy – Ray Bradbury’s Usher II

Welcome back friends to another installment of Retro Records! If you happen to search Usher II on the site you might not be surprised to see that I’ve not only shared an adaptation from the Ray Bradbury Theater television series but that we covered that particular episode on a Saturday Frights Podcast. The reason is pretty simple. I love Ray Bradbury’s work and in particular Usher II is one of my favorites of his short stories.

With the passing of Leonard Nimoy a little over two weeks ago I was comforting myself by listening to his reading of There Will Come Soft Rains and happened to notice that the second story presented on that Caedmon Record from 1975 was in fact Usher II! Thankfully Max Mercury was kind enough to upload that recording on his YouTube channel as well.

There is a small skip around the beginning of the reading but it fixes itself. So please enjoy Usher II read by the legendary Leonard Nimoy here on Retro Records.


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