Saturday Frights: Uncle Creepy Returns

Saturday Frights: Uncle Creepy Returns

Welcome back, dear viewers. For your entertainment this evening I have selected a short that would be quite out of my usual wheelhouse except for the fact that it features a legendary horror host worthy of your attention. I am referring to the character of Uncle Creepy, who was the main host with the most for James Warren’s 1964 magazine series known as Creepy. A wonderfully gruesome bimonthly periodical that even I was sure to subscribe to back at the Haunted Drive-In that collected stories by Steve Ditko, Gray Morrow, Angelo Torres, Alex Toth, Al Williamson, and the great Wally Wood.

Creepy ceased publication in 1983 though Victor tells me that it has witnessed something of a rebirth in the last decade. Which brings us to this tantalizing stop-motion animated short feature this evening. In an effort to help get the word out on the magazine’s revival in a comic book format the publishers hired the Brothers Chiodo (The Chiodo Bros – Vic) to fashion this piece of animation to advertise their new venture. I have been told hopes were high that this might lead to a television production much like we have seen with the Tales From the Crypt episodic offerings, though sadly this has not borne fruit.

So I do hope you will take a moment to step into Auditorium Six to watch ‘Uncle Creepy Returns’ here on Saturday Frights.

{Via} Creepy Universe

(A big thanks to the Strange Kids Club for letting us know about this video in the first place! – Vic)

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