Why aren’t you using video inventory to protect your valuables?

With the advent of the home video camera, a new trend developed for protecting what you owned, video inventory. This is when you would capture what you owned on video, so that you could present it to your insurance company if something was stolen or damaged. When my family got their video camera, it was one of the things my Mother had me do. So I went all around the house video taping everything.

The problem was that we only had the one tape (they were expensive), so as soon as a video-worthy event happened, we taped over the inventory. When my mother found out she had me do it all over again with a new tape. Which would promptly get taped over shortly thereafter. If only she had bought multiple tapes or hired a video service, all of those valuable old bundles of newspaper that we lost in the basement flood of 1988 might have been recoverable.



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