The Pan Am Shuttle…the Corporate Jet

In the history of commercial aviation, a lot of airlines have come and gone, but none are perhaps more remembered than Pan Am. I never flew on a Pan Am jet, but I had a well-traveled Aunt who preferred to fly Pan Am. So we would get bags and other assorted airline ephemera from her when she returned from any trip. This made Pan Am the defacto airline for me and explains why I have such positive associations with an airline I never flew on.

Growing up near New York City and multiple airports, local television stations ran a lot of airline commercials including ones for the Pan Am Shuttle. Which targeted business travelers. It had a great jingle, that went something like, “Pan Am Shuttle…the Corporate Jet…” Sadly this commercial doesn’t feature that big of advertising magic, but it give you and idea of what the Pan Am Shuttle was all about.


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