Scream Factory Presents: Dark Haul

Born 279 years ago to the 13th Son of a 13th Son, the birth of two twins help to inspire the creation of a secret order known as the Keepers. The twins are different as night and day, Zib looks human…thanks to the brutal actions of the Keepers hacking off her tail as a young girl but she has a strong psychic connection to her twin who looks and acts demonic to say the least.


Besides that link letting her know where he brother is Zib (Remains’ Evalena Marie) also is able to soothe the savage beast and that is a very good thing as it can cause massive hallucinations and it wields this ability to deadly effect frequently on the Keepers and innocents in its attempt to be free of it’s containment cell.

Things are not so hunky dory with the Keepers either as it seems Damon (The Cave’s Rick Ravanello) is of the mind that they need to transport the monster to consecrated ground in Pennsylvania and then let Zib have a chance at a real life while his second in command, Knicks (Heat’s Tom Sizemore), is all for taking the monster and his sister out of the picture permanently.

Synthetic Cinema

Damon is the leader of the team though and his decision wins out in the end and the Keepers begin the long trek, loading up the monster in a special cage with ancient markings to try and contain the evil within on an 18 wheeler…but as they get closer to their intended drop off point the beast becomes stronger and his hallucinations cause the deaths of most of the team which is how it is able to at last escape.

Will the remaining Keepers be able to mount a defense against the winged beast and save humanity from the prophecy that was foretold that man and the beast would clash and only one prevail?

You will just have to find out for yourself when Scream Factory releases Dark Haul on Blu-Ray and DVD on 3/10/15 which means you still have time to pre-order your copy today!


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