Classic Atari Custom Action Figures By The Chicago Toy Collector!

You might remember a few months back when we shared Dan Polydoris/Chicago Toy Collector’s incredible custom figures for his Activision Action Figures Line or even the totally awesome Sewer Slashin’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. The Chicago Toy Collector has returned and brought with him the Classic Atari Action Figures toy line…and it’s a terribly sad world we live in that these were not actually produced back in the heyday of the Atari 2600.

The good news is that the Chicago Toy Collector was kind enough to make extras this go around and if you hop over to his website you can see about not only picking up one for yourself but what Kenner figures were used in their construction if you feel like making some for your friends and family.


All Images courtesy of the Chicago Toy Collector.
All Images courtesy of the Chicago Toy Collector.

Space Invaders
Space Invaders - Chicago Toy Collector

Missile Command (My favorite)
Missile Command - Chicago Toy Collector

Yar’s Revenge
Yar's Revenge - Chicago Toy Collector

We here at the Retroist certainly look forward to the Chicago Toy Collector’s latest project!


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