Did You Live The Adventure With G.I. Joe’s Operation: Space Station?

G.I. Joe was reaching the zenith of its popularity with me in 1987 in terms of the toy line but it certainly went out with a bang when they introduced the awesome Defiant playset. The dream of finding that massive three vehicle playset under the Christmas tree was pretty quickly squashed though with it’s hefty $129 price tag.

GIJoe - Defiant

While I never added this playset to my collection that didn’t stop me from enjoying the Live the Adventure: Operation Space Station offer. As you can see from these scanned images from the fantastic 3DJOES site, the story for this offer was that after Cobra abandons the Terror Drome they have managed to take over the Orion 1 Space Station, as members of the Joe team it was up to us kids to identify the known Cobra forces on Orion 1:

Image courtesy of 3DJOES.
Image courtesy of 3DJOES.

Assign the perfect Joe team members to help overtake the Cobra forces:

Image courtesy of 3DJOES.
Image courtesy of 3DJOES.

Then we were tasked with unscrambling the launch codes for the Defiant itself and using a star map to find the position of the Orion 1 Space Station.

Doing all of this didn’t earn me a free Defiant play set but I did receive a certificate from General Hawk as well as the Defiant Commander “Payload”. Hm, I think this certificate might look pretty good in a frame on the Retroist vault’s Employee of the Month wall, don’t you?

G.I. Joe - Live The Adventure - Operation Space Station

A big thanks as well to YoJoe.Com for the scanned Live the Adventure Promotion at the top of the post.


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