Do you remember Red Barn Restaurants?

Sadly I do not remember them. I am not sure they had any in my area when I was growing up, but for years I have been seeing the recycled shells of his once mighty fast food chain and not even realizing that they all came from the same place.

While Red Barn might have had great food (according to some online fans), they also had these very unique looking barn-shaped buildings. I imagine that have driven by dozens if not more of them, now defunct and being used as other places to eat, buy tires or get your taxes done. But no more, thanks to the magic of the internet, I will now look at all barn-shaped architecture with a more critical eye and lament the loss of a restaurant I never got to try.

Besides and amazing look, this chain also had a great theme song…


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2 thoughts on “Do you remember Red Barn Restaurants?

  1. ddsw says:

    I remember eating at one of these during a family vacation in Corning, NY. As I recall it wasn’t bad.

  2. I remember loving red barn when I was little. Unfortunately there haven’t been any since I was ~12. (Officially the chain closed long before then, but many individual resteraunts remained in operation for years after the chain closed.) That last resteraunt was in a neighboring town & I had only discovered it toward the end of it’s existance, so I onlt mangaed to go there a couple times. Prior to that, the red barn in my local town had closed down a number of years earlier. As such, my memories of red barn are few & vague, but I do remember really really liking the place.
    They also had good commercials:

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