Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Is On Patrol With CHiPs: The Complete Third Season!

Fans of CHiPs have been clamoring for it and now Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is releasing for the first time ever on DVD the complete third season of the popular series that ran from 1977 until 1983.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

California Highway Patrol Officers Jon (Larry Wilcox) and “Ponch” (Erik Estrada) are back to make sure the L.A. freeway is safe from all manner of entertaining TV dangers such as a stunt man attempting to cash in on an insurance scam, gas thieves, drug dealers at a stock car competition, and even rival youth groups at the beach to name a few. This five-disc collection includes all 24 one-hour episodes and starts off the whole shebang with the famous two-part episodes “Roller Disco”!


1) Roller Disco, Part I – Ponch and Jon run afoul of some thieves on roller skates while they are trying to find some talent for their annual CHP Roller Disco.

2) Roller Disco, Part II – Our duo are still trying to find the thieves and give aid to a rock star they met in the first episode named Jimmy Tyler who is played by Leif Garrett!

3) Valley Go Home – It’s mayhem at the beach as Jon and Ponch find themselves having to help make peace between the Surfers and Valley kids.

4) High Octane – Our duo have to put a stop to some gas thieves, it becomes personal when their fellow officer is hurt during a high-speed chase.

5) Death Watch – Ponch and Jon go after a stuntman who is using his skills to stage accidents for the insurance money, like in the previous episode it becomes personal for the duo when such a stunt costs an Officer their life.

6) Counterfeit – As you might guess from the title of this episode it is about counterfeit money, though Jon is shocked to find it comes from a man of the cloth…or is he really a priest?

7) Return of the Supercycle – A highly skilled thief on a motorcycle causes Ponch to end up in the hospital and Jon is forced to try and ride the Supercycle from Season 2! I cannot tell you how worried my Cousin and I were when we originally watched this episode back in 1979, it’s all we could talk about that evening.

8) Hot Wheels – Cunning thieves decide to use city vehicles to help them as they pull of their heists. Ponch (Estrada was actually hurt during these episodes) is still in the hospital so it’s up to Jon and the rest of the CHP team to try and put a stop to them.

9) Drive, Lady, Drive – Part I – With a Police strike underway, Sgt. Getrater (Robert Pine) asks our duo to cover Palma Vista. They make acquaintances with race car driver, Candi Wright (Kelly Harmon) who tries to help a little girl who refuses to let them know who she is.

10) Drive, Lady, Drive – Part II – The gang does their best to get the little girl out of a foster home while trying to deal with a dune buggy that keeps giving them the slip.

11) The Watch Commander – The CHP gang comes under the scrutiny of a new Watch Commander who takes it on himself to set things right at Central. That is by harshly reprimanding even the most minor of violations, meanwhile Jon and Ponch have to try and stop a gang of thieves that are boosting trucks from loading docks.

12) Destruction Derby – Our duo are assigned to an undercover operation at a demolition derby known as the “Fear 250”. Naturally Ponch is given the role as a racer but is his cover in danger of being blown when he bumps into an old schoolmate?

13) Second Chance – A jewel thief on a motorbike while being chased by Jon and Ponch hits a young girl on bicycle before making his getaway by leaping off a pier and swimming to a waiting boat. Ponch does his best to become friends with the now paralyzed young girl while Jon and the rest of the CHP try to set a trap for the jewel thief.

14) Wheeling – Ponch and Jon have to reign in the terror caused by a group of handicap drivers as well as a Father set on revenge for the driver that injured his Son during a drag race.

15) Christmas Watch – Some thieves most certainly are not filled with the Christmas Spirit as they steal not only a church bell but a station wagon before managing to trick it’s owner into coming by the Police station so they can break into her house. Can our duo put a stop to their activities and help make sure it’s a Merry Christmas?

16) Jailbirds – Jon and Ponch end up in jail for contempt because they refuse to name their informant who tipped them off on a warehouse that is being used to strip cars.

17) E.M.T. – Ponch thinks that by signing up for Emergency Medical Technician classes at UCLA they will have the benefit of getting paid overtime and of course not have to be on highway patrol as much…which is his first mistake. The second mistake is they happened to give their trainer a ticket earlier in the day.

18) Kidnap – Our duo must try and rescue two children that stowed away in a Rolls Royce when two escaped criminals decide to boost it.

19) Off Road – Jon and Ponch enter into a off-road race in the desert…which is how they stumble upon some thieves who are in search of gold coins!

20) Tow Truck Lady – Ponch and Jon find out almost too late that their friend Danny (Chris Robinson) who is a two truck driver is in fact stealing the cars he is towing to avoid getting kneecapped by a loan shark.

21) The Strippers – When Jon’s girlfriend Diane (Sherry Jackson) has her car stolen the duo take off in pursuit of the thieves, which causes them to cross paths with some drug dealers and in turn began to upset the DEA.

22) Thrill Show – Officer Bonnie Clark (Randi Oakes) is tempted to leave her job with the CHP thanks to a meeting with an old friend that now works at the “Thrill Show”. Meanwhile Jon and Ponch have their hands full with some bandits that are robbing folks while on the bus.

23) Nightingale – Ponch and Jon encounter a woman is treating victims at the scene of accidents but disappears before she can be questioned. This episode features Dana Plato from the hit TV series Diff’rent Strokes!

24) Dynamite Alley – After visiting Bonnie in the hospital our duo find they have their hands full when a “Funny” car show arrives in town. Though Jon and Ponch do not find it all that funny to deal with a tank and an airplane on the freeway.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

The third season of CHiPs still has all of the charm of the first two seasons and manages to keep an even level of drama with a good dose of comedy to lighten things up. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is releasing CHiPs: The Complete Third Season on March 3, 2015 for $29.98.


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