Sonic X-Treme has arrived!

Did you know that back in 1996, Sega exhibited a very cool 3D Sonic game called Sonic X-Treme on its Saturn console. I remember reading previews in magazines and having debates with friends about whether the game would make the Saturn a worthy purchase. For me the answer was NO, I would hold out for the Nintendo 64, but I looked forward to playing the new Sonic game on someone else’s Saturn in the near future!

And then the game disappeared. The game was cancelled for various reasons, and I’ve not thought too much more about the game since. Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet, and 19 years later, you can finally play the game for yourself! Check out the trailer below:

My first thoughts after watching was that the game looked very similar in parts to Super Monkey Ball, and I wonder if this game had an influence on its development. Watching Sonic in action doesn’t have me as enthralled as I was expecting, perhaps because Sonic in 3D is now so common place.

If you’d like to learn more about the process of bringing the game back to life, check out this small documentary:

If you’d like to download the game and have a play for yourself, check out the Sonic Retro forum.

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